The annual fee for membership in SAW is $35 with the fee being due in January. For new members who join throughout the year, the fee is pro-rated. Further information on SAW membership is found at SAW Membership Rates and Requirements. All SAW members must complete the SAW Membership and Liability Release Form each year and submit the completed form with the annual membership fee.

SAW Constitution

The SAW Constitution was adopted by the membership at the March 23, 2009 meeting and was revised at the February, 2012 meeting . A down loadable, current version is available at SAW Constitution and By-Laws.

SAW Theme Song

The lyrics to the Saw Theme Song were written by Gord Tomlin and the music is from the 1957 hit song by Danny and the Juniors.

Members’ Show and Tell

As part of each SAW meeting agenda, members are encouraged to bring woodworking projects and items to demonstrate creativity, ingenuity, or even difficulty with woodworking. We photograph many of these items for use both on this website as well as to enhance the meeting minutes. In order to accurately record the details pertaining to these items, we request each member contributing to the Show and Tell to fill out a form documenting the details pertaining to the Show and Tell item. Please complete the form and bring it with you if you will be participating in the Show and Tell part of the meeting. A down loadable version is available at Show and Tell Items.


Lumber for Sale: all furniture grade, FAS, dry, ready to use – 4/4 quarter cut red oak, 8/4 white oak, 8/4 maple, 4/4 beach, 8/4 teak, 4/4 pauduk, 4/4 and 8/4 cherry, long clear black ash, 14 inch clear white cedar, 4/4 white ash, and lots more. Have some purple heart and lots of carving blocks in walnut, maple, and birch. Call Vic at 807-767-6259 or email him at

Hardware for sale: Emmert pattern maker’s vice and a 12 inch jointer/mortiser combo machine. Call Vic at 807-767-6259 or email him at

Walnut veneer at $2.25 per square foot. Call Vic at 807-767-6259.


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