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About the Club

Superior Association of Woodworkers

The formation of the Superior Association of Woodworkers can be credited to three local professional woodworkers, namely Larry Watson, Lou Mazerolle and  Vic Germaniuk all of whom continue be active in the local woodworking community. With thanks to their initial dedication and hard work of succeeding members SAW has stood the test of time as a viable organization.

Recognizing that there was a need for local woodworkers to get together, to share ideas, thoughts, trends, and expertise, these gentlemen collectively formed the founding membership of SAW.

The date of the formation of SAW was January 30th, 1995 and since that time local woodworkers both novice and professionals have kept the association alive and well for the past 25 years, 2020 being the club’s golden anniversary.

For over 25 years the members have enjoyed the company of like-minded individuals all while receiving many benefits through our monthly meetings.

These monthly meetings have included regular speakers that were not only educational but also most entertaining, subjects of course were woodworking specific and included but not limited to such topics as:

  • Networking with other members of SAW

  • Developing new woodworking skills

  • New techniques & woodworking tools

  • Local products available

  • New woodworking tools and equipment

  • Wood finishes

  • Health and Safety tips

  • Wood species

  • Demonstrations of new products on the market

  • Enjoy various discounts with local suppliers 

  • Many other topics too numerous to mention


In addition to our guest speakers at each meeting various members bring in their latest projects for viewing and discussion, members have the opportunity to ask any questions from layout and design to final finishes used to complete the specific work pieces.

Its all a valuable learning experience from novices to seasoned pros, we can and do learn from fresh ideas and minds.

It is clear that the sharing of each others experience has benefited all members over the years and the highlighting of the diversity and skill levels including artistic design of individual members has provided invaluable help and encouragement to all in our club. 


For anyone who is interested in woodworking there is no better way to learn and enjoy this pastime than with other like-minded individuals who are willing to freely pass on their knowledge and skill.

So, if it is skill and knowledge your looking for coupled with enjoying meeting with others who share your interests, the Superior Association of Woodworkers maybe what you’re looking for. Learning and enjoying woodworking is a great pastime for men and women, that’s what SAW is all about.

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