Toxicity of Various Wood Species

This chart first appeared in the June 1990 issue of American Woodturner. It has been posted on many web sites and presented in many formats. View Wood Toxicity and download the chart. Also view Wood Toxicity and Allergen Chart. Another source of information is the web site The Wood Database.

Central Dust Collection

This is an excellent article published in the May 2003 issue of American Woodworker. View Dust Collection and download the article.

Dust Collection Ground

A short article from Lee Valley regarding properly grounding metal pipe attached to a dust collection system. View Dust Collection Ground and download article.

Grounding PVC and Other Dust Collection Myths

This is a very comprehensive article on grounding pvc and dust collecting methods. View Grounding and Other Dust Collection Myths and download the article.

Router Collet Maintenance

The small amount of time spent to regularly inspect and clean the router collet system will increase productivity, reduce costs, and provide a safer environment. View and download this article.

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